Meta Marimba by Mike Perdue

The music is written in unusual notation that contains graphics, no written pitches or definite rhythms, and basic text that “narrates” the general feeling of what the performer should play.

The piece is to be performed as an atonal improvisation based on the provided written music.

The text in the written music is reproduced below, so see if you can follow along!

An opening burst! Stumbling into the line of fire – bricks of ice hurled among warring factions.

Bursting again! Bricks of ice; urgently. Scramble for ammo! A few bricks tossed.

Smoke clearing. An artificial fugue. Questions with vague answers. Unclear antecedents.

Boldly. Boldly disintegrating. Ice crystals.

A chorale of soft fibers from which the earth is suspended.
A toxic ambush of metrics and permutations (woven into the earth’s fibers)


Fill in the space with quiet magma flow from underground.

A dance between the thunderclouds and the underground river. Fragmented stabs!

Bubbling, as before. A low rumble. Heartfelt.

A glowing apology {green, blue, blue, pink; purple/red; green; waves of yellow, rust and tarnish)

Slimy, can rubato. Bricks! Shrapnel in the wind. A deceitful network of counterpoint.

Expressivo. Distant lightning, recalling the battles of before.

Delicately groovy. Dancing in confusion. With a childlike virtuosity.

The fibers, tangled! (Bricks!) We found you! Brutale. Tutta forza.

The end of Earth. Gliss (smoke).